Lifelike: San Diego/Oceanside, CA Rock Band
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"I can't believe there are only three guys
making all that sound..."

"I LOVE that song, but I never
hear anyone play it..."

"It takes me back to high school..."

"You guys totally rock!"

These are the kinds of things we typically hear after a show. The really cool part is that we get similar comments from both the "twenty-somethings" and the "fifty-somethings" in the audience.

As the header on the page says, we are Lifelike, a San Diego based rock and roll band. It is pretty simple, really. We are not angry youths with something to prove and something "important" to say. We just want to play music, have fun, and take the audience along for the ride. We are three experienced musicians with no pretensions of making it big time, but no desire to succumb to a life without rock and roll either.

We don't really fit the label "cover band". We do have a set of original songs that we are putting together, and we'll either sprinkle these songs in, or possible play an entire set of originals in the right situation. Typically, though, we play covers. Don't get us wrong, we love playing these songs in part because we are fans of the music that we play, but also because people respond best to songs that they are familiar with -- and thus it is easier to get gigs playing cover tunes. However, because we are a three piece band, some of these cover songs are necessarily modified to fit our sound. We refuse to use cheesy backing tracks, but you'll be amazed when you hear Ross rip out a saxophone solo on his guitar!

CONTACT US - If you need a fun band that can play just about any situation, contact us! Parties for hire are relatively cheap because we aren't doing this for the money. However, you will get much more than you pay for.