Lifelike: San Diego/Oceanside, CA Rock Band
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Ross - Guitar and Vocals

Ross DePinto is also known as "the human jukebox". Name a song, and Ross can start playing it. It makes adding new songs to the set list a breeze -- although sometimes the practices are somewhat waylaid by voyages into Ross' "random selection mode". Ross has been singing and playing guitar since, well, forever. Being born and raised in New Jersey gave him some of that East Coast moxie, but spending many years in North Carolina gave him the appreciation for other musical flavors, as Ross played in some successful original and cover bands in the Greensboro area. When he moved to San Diego, he connected with Craig and they discovered that "their sound" was definitely worth sharing.

Ross plays Duesenberg and Gibson guitars through Mesa Boogie and Fender amps.


Craig - Vocals and Bass

Craig Nies cut his teeth on 80's heavy metal that started with Judas Priest and Kiss and morphed into the screaming hair bands of the late 80's and early 90's. While the photos are now quite embarrassing, those "screaming metal days" were great for vocal training, such that Craig can now handle a wide variety of songs with astonishing ease -- four hour gigs? No problem! Craig picked up the bass after discovering that reliable bass players were damn hard to find, and now he can't imagine being on stage without it. Craig has been in San Diego since the late 80's, playing in several local bands while attending UCSD. He took some time off to start a family, but music is the soul of life, and it has beckoned him back in a big way.

Craig plays MusicMan, Hofner, and Pedulla basses through Mesa Boogie amps


Paul - Drums and Vocals

Paul Magnano is the quintessential rock drummer -- well, without long, flipping hair and rotating drum kits. Paul is an East Coast "Jersey Guy" from his accent to his looks and his basic attitude. Actually, in spite of all that Jersey blood, he is a very "un-Sopranos-like" California cool dude, and it shows in his playing with tight timing and smooth fills. Like Ross, Paul knows a million songs, and has the ability to pick up the drum line after listening only briefly to a song. Though Paul is the newest member of the band, he very quickly picked up on the vast array of songs that Lifelike plays. He also contributes with his voice -- you won't believe it when you hear him sing Roxanne!

Paul plays Gretsch drums.