Lifelike: San Diego/Oceanside, CA Rock Band
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Yes, there are a lot of songs. And, yes, we really can play any of these at any time. As long as we are playing cover songs, it is a lot more fun to have a large library with a lot of variety. It lets us customize the sets, and we can take requests with a better chance of actually knowing the song! In fact, many songs that we play come from requests that we didn't know at the time, but we picked up during our next practice. So, if you catch us playing, make a request -- you may not hear it that night, but you probably will the next time!

All the downloadable clips are live snippets. This is the way we sound. These are not studio-perfect recordings, and there are no overdubs or edits. In some cases, that isn't such a good thing, but we included just about everything here -- good, bad and ugly. We record most of our shows, so eventually there is a good chance that just about everything we play will have a downloadable clip. Nice!

Another note on our song selection is that we will also tend to pick songs that may be a bit more obscure. We play a lot of cover band "standards", but there is a good chance that few people will know all the songs listed here -- and that is a good thing. What is really cool is when an audience member remarks after the show that they love a certain song, but they NEVER hear anybody play it.

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